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Обновление Opera Next, множество улучшений и исправлений

Для обновления и скачивания доступна новая сборка Opera Next Build 1024, в данную сборку добавлены новые возможности HTML5, улучшена производительность обработки SVG, а также улучшена скорость загрузки страниц и устранены некоторые другие ошибки в ядре браузера.

Данное обновление является существенным по изменениям, присутствует новая реализация HTML5 history extension API, custom data-* attributes API, Element.classList API и некоторых других.

Также были расширены возможности группировки вкладок на панели Windows, дополнительно были исправлены ошибки в работе вкладок.

Сохранение сессий и получение favicon будет происходить быстрее.

Внесены изменения в Opera Mail, добавлен новый инструментарий, призванный помочь предотвращать нежелательные отправки электронной почты с подтверждением адреса пользователя как активного. Все внешние изображения теперь будут по умолчанию закрыты, также добавлена новая панель, на которой присутствует быстрая возможность временно разрешить загрузку внешних изображений от доверенных отправителей. Отправители могут быть также добавлены в белый список на новой панели инструментов.

Известные проблемы

  • DSK-337907 (крах браузера при запуске через меню Gnome, KDE или Xfce)
  • Проверка элементов в Dragonfly не работает

Скачать Opera Next Build 1024 можно по следующим ссылкам:

Полный список изменений в Opera Next Build 1024:

  • DSK-325066 (Changes to window and tab handling)
  • DSK-336673 (Scale and save all favicons to 16x16 png internally)
  • DSK-337394 (Preferences for Speed Dial extensions now open in an overlay dialog)
  • DSK-264983 (Improvements to block content UI in Mail)

  • (Fixes to auto-update handling for Opera Next)

  • CORE-35429 (Start request for CSS resources during parsing)
  • CORE-25139 (HTML5 history extension API implementation)
  • CORE-32295 (HTML5 data-* attributes API implementation)
  • CORE-25130 (HTML5 Element.classList implementation)
  • CORE-25623 (HTML5 TimeElement.valueAsDate implementation)
  • CORE-25794 (matchesSelector API implementation)
  • CORE-34959 (Improve SVG load performance)
  • CORE-33314 (Improve the SVG animation engine)
  • CORE-36415 (Crash when using spelling check with a Korean dictionary)
  • CORE-19899 (Spatial navigation in an overflow:hidden box should scroll the box)
  • CORE-37992 (spatnav skips a large number of links in certain conditions)
  • CORE-37057 (Saved images from image viewer gets image size attached to name)
  • CORE-20483 (Hidden animated gif causing high CPU load in because of constant repaints)
  • CORE-30101 (Fixed positioned backgrounds jerky on scroll)
  • CORE-13925 (Redirected flash embed without type attribute sticks out of overflow: auto container)
  • CORE-36774 (Hardcoded key bindings in the image viewer need to consider modifier keys)
  • CORE-10055 (html or body elements with overflow:hidden reacts to mousewheel when they shouldn't)
  • CORE-29507 (Java applets loaded in new tabs)
  • CORE-37293 (Iframe content is not replaced with script on amazon page - IFRAME src="#" loads parent page, document.open() fails)
  • CORE-30529 (multipart/x-mixed-replace streaming mjpeg content but not showing)
  • CORE-36991 (Font weight and style changes during transition)
  • CORE-38023 (Update Spoof and Mask strings again to Firefox 4 and IE9)
  • CORE-36351 (EventSource 2xx handling changed)
  • CORE-34939 (EventSource will not connect if document.domain is set)
  • CORE-36350 (EventSource constructor should act as if there's a network error for non-http urls (instead of throwing))
  • CORE-36613 (EventSource sends the wrong Accept http header)
  • CORE-31191 (Updating an existing property with "!important" has no effect)
  • CORE-31157 (cssText does not show "!important" declarations)
  • CORE-36909 (Crash with contenteditable attribute on html)
  • CORE-37196 (Never stops loading when going forward after unfinished history navigation)
  • CORE-100 (Space followed by punctuation doesn't wrap)
  • CORE-35401 (Can't use opera to request e-faktura for Telenor (setting new HTML5/WF2 property to null has non-backward compatible behaviour))
  • CORE-37007 (Web workers: connect.data / disconnect.data should be empty)
  • CORE-36226 (Add atob() and btoa() in web workers)
  • CORE-37814 (Freeze on accessing xhr's getResponseHeader after XHR failed)
  • CORE-5218 (should throw HIERARCHY_REQUEST_ERR when inserting a rule at the wrong position)
  • CORE-37637 (media ignored for @import in user stylesheets)
  • CORE-37374 (Reading window.closed fails with browser.js enabled)
  • CORE-15418 (max-height in percentages of auto interpreted while it should be ignored)
  • CORE-35593 (backslash or space in username passed to XmlHttpRequest.open throws SYNTAX_ERROR)
  • CORE-21228 (Pasting text/plain clipboard data from Notepad++ into text/plain body field inserts a newline at the top)
  • CORE-24970 (Canvas tank game freezes for >1sec at a time)
  • CORE-33095 (Add CSS props-changed flags for the svg properties)
  • CORE-37815 (Mixing SVG fonts and @font-face CSS fonts with the same font-family can cause the font to disappear)
  • CORE-8244 (Drawing artifacts (white lines) when running zoomed animation or scrolling zoomed SVG)
  • CORE-840 (Outline on empty element is not drawn around content)
  • CORE-57 (Incorrect characters used when 'open-quote'/'close-quote' nest deeper than 'quotes')
  • CORE-19052 (Erroneous close-quote is not ignored)
  • CORE-35460 (default margin on hr element different from other browsers)
  • CORE-36964 (Unnecessary horizontal scrollbar caused by position:absolute + right:0)
  • CORE-36534 (Layout does not update when appendMedium causes a stylesheet not to apply)
  • CORE-36535 (Layout does not update when CssRule.style.style is set to an empty string)
  • CORE-28633 (Orkut change profile picture link fails to open file chooser dialog (input type=file and form both styled with opacity, click ignored))
  • CORE-34940 (If height definition is left out, divs below start jumping)
  • CORE-34619 (Setting iframe source twice ignored)
  • CORE-37598 (Crash when removing container that has ::first-letter properties)
  • CORE-36681 (Viewport is too wide due to text-align: center)
  • CORE-36703 (Textarea redraw artifacts on scroll)
  • CORE-37758 (Hypothetically static positioned absolutely positioned block inside overflown and scrolled container not painted)
  • CORE-22490 (Poor painting performance on non-solid borders on big boxes)
  • CORE-34771 (Incorrect handling of percentage values in border-radius)
  • CORE-37409 (Unclear negative border-radius handling)
  • CORE-32075 (Crash on ease-in border-color transitions between non-color keywords and color values)
  • CORE-33417 (Element background not clipped when border-radius applied and background-clip has padding-box or content-box value)
  • CORE-35409 (Computed styles for border-*-*-radius not supported)
  • CORE-18580 (getComputedStyle() translates RGB to hex for colour values, makes AOL webmail believe you are in high contrast mode)
  • CORE-36814 (Memory leak when reloading documents connected to debugger)
  • CORE-38047 (Crash when gradient is set on body with zero height)
  • CORE-37954 (Base URL issues for CSS Stylesheets)
  • CORE-36906 (Too big reserved region in case of a transform in clipped content in overflow situation)
  • CORE-37731 (Memory usage improvements to ES cache)
  • CORE-37907 (Parser "eats" Unicode)
  • CORE-35667 (Unicode "PAW PRINTS" and word-wrap: break-word freeze on Twitter)
  • CORE-34598 (RegExp in Unicode range compilation problem)
  • CORE-37634 (focus() method is not always working)
  • CORE-38007 (Plugix' plug-in proxy crashes Opera)
  • CORE-37036 (widget access requests don't work in extensions)
  • CORE-36874 (Scrollbar appears in select tags which have background-color)
  • CORE-38339 (Crash on remove cssRule)
  • CORE-37442 (Crash on printing a page with frames and no body tags)
  • CORE-38220 (Crash in documentedit when removing the first line in body element)
  • CORE-37382 (Some problems with dirty Link sync)
  • CORE-38223 (Regexps no longer callable (along with Mozilla and WebKit))
  • CORE-30039 (Some Google Font Preview fonts don’t load (Droid Sans))
  • CORE-36400 (Handling for empty web font files)
  • CORE-37383 (Double download of some URLs)
  • CORE-33605 (opera:cache does not show the contents of IDN)
  • CORE-37379 (Cookies added to localhost via AddCookie are not returned by GetCookie)
  • CORE-37008 (onChange event doesn't fire on month or week input types)
  • CORE-27649 (input type=number ignores readonly)
  • CORE-33273 (The attribute "required" on select elements not supported)
  • CORE-37083 (input type=tel and type=search ignored pattern and maxlength when validating form)
  • CORE-38209 (Wrong pattern matching for input element: pattern="a|ab" doesn't match ab)
  • CORE-34081 ('in' operator testing for event handlers on window and document fails for onclick, onkeypress and other events)
  • CORE-30832 (Eval-ing arguments returns unhandledException)
  • CORE-29804 (An anonymous function doesn't eval in the specified scope)
  • CORE-37107 (GetCookie stopped working when using paths other than root)
  • CORE-36836 (stop on new script mode does not stop for HTML attribute scripts)
  • CORE-36015 (Can't step past new-statements for built-in constructors)
  • CORE-37035 (Scope function declaration placed inside generated block)
  • CORE-37109 (ES to JSON converter creates invalid JSON when inital elements in an array are NULL)
  • CORE-36405 (No urlload events triggered for XHR in some circumstances)
  • CORE-37345 (Crash after opening Dragonfly on page with insertRule and @import)
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