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Opera Next и улучшения пользовательского интерфейса

Новый снимок Opera Next Build 1090 и новые улучшения в плане графического интерфейса.

  • В данном случае были улучшены используемые в браузере иконки.
  • Улучшена боковая панель и совместимость с общим окном браузера.
  • Улучшенное выпадающее вниз меню в адресной строке с предложениями поиска.
  • Также было проделано много работы в сфере автообновления и установки плагинов, устранено несколько регрессий.

Скачать Opera Next Build 1090 можно по следующим ссылкам:

Полный список изменений Opera Next Build 1090: Featherweight Skin
  • DSK-321398 (Reduce package size of the skin files)
  • DSK-336005 (Not enough padding around text only tab captions in Mac skin)
  • DSK-340045 (Add tab (New Page) icon should not jump)
  • DSK-340053 (The zoom menu has bad show/hide behavior)
  • DSK-340095 (New zoom slider button not centered correctly in default 100% state)
  • DSK-340161 (Search button has no hover effect)
  • DSK-340225 (Extra white-space right of stacked tabs and normal tabs on Mac)
  • DSK-340331 (No longer possible to open O-Menu by clicking and holding mouse button)
  • DSK-342227 (Zoom menu can be clicked even when it is disabled for particular pages)
  • DSK-342777 (Minor glitches in Mac Opera Next tab labels)
  • DSK-343886 (Tab and Page bar items are inconsistent when performing a pin tab action)
  • DSK-347061 (Overlay dialogs lost padding)
  • DSK-347077 (Extension pop-out dialog's balloon pointer arrow is not painted correctly)
  • DSK-347087 (After removing the search field from the Address Bar, the Star Menu callout is misaligned)
  • DSK-347237 (Zoom popup layout gets broken on hover)
  • DSK-347297 (Address field bookmark star is positioned too high/looks too small on Mac)
  • DSK-347447 (View tools and address field page info badge pop-outs cannot be closed and its position is not updated when necessary)
  • DSK-347534 (Tab group expander missing or broken)
  • Make URL drop down 'featherweight': Two columns, page title (icon only on focus) and page url
  • Search suggestions against default search engine in URL field without keyword: configure with opera:config#UserPrefs|ShowSearchesInAddressfieldAutocompletion

Auto update
  • DSK-339545 (Crash when a pending auto-update is set to install later and you wait a few days before starting Opera)
  • DSK-327716 (Auto-update doesn't schedule a new update request if it has just been updated.)
  • DSK-345746 (When starting several instances of the same install of Opera while upgrading, a fresh junk install of Opera is created)
  • DSK-347506 (Opera is not started after being auto-updated)
  • DSK-346689 (Auto-update claims to be up to date after installing an update even if there is a newer update on the server)

Plugin installation wizard
  • DSK-336701 (Allow user to hide plugin installer download progress)
  • DSK-337207 (Crash when trying to install flash from widget first time)
  • DSK-337213 (Crash when pressing Read license agreement when installing plugin from widget)
  • DSK-344731 (Cancelling installation dialog does not cancel installation)
  • DSK-330597 (Provide option to open plugin data in external application when plugin is not available)
  • DSK-337496 (Plugin toolbar doesn't always show)
  • DSK-344749 (Missing Plugin Toolbar displayed even if plugin installed)
  • DSK-341660 (Two install dialogs are displayed)
  • DSK-343045 (All available buttons displayed on missing plugin tab)
  • DSK-336843 ("Resizer" appears next to the scrollbars suggesting that EULA viewport can be resized)
  • DSK-347140 (Plugin install dialog does not proceed to next step)
  • DSK-341237 (Nothing happens when clicking in application/x-oleobject placeholder)
  • DSK-337428 (Wrong missing plugin page when PluginAutoInstallEnabled is disabled)
  • DSK-337190 (Opera crashes when opening pdf file from EULA window)
  • DSK-344267 (Crash when opening Install plugin dialog)
  • Translation fixes

  • DSK-345975 (Implement a new Add to Panel dialog (Add Panel: Add Web Panel) to replace the old Bookmarks dialog)
  • DSK-347594 (User JavaScript (UserJS)/extensions doesn't work after a clean install)
  • DSK-347720 (Top padding missing from mail buttons)
  • DSK-341729 (Clones of the Opera Unite Home service in Unite Panel)
  • DSK-343528 (Crash on deleting private data with geolocation data)
  • DSK-346994 (CSS units improvement tests are failing)
  • DSK-347371 (Mac Widget Installer crashes on launch if you have any bookmarks)
  • First item in URL drop down should not be activated on pressing Enter
  • No search suggestions in private tabs
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