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Новый выпуск Opera Next (Opera 11.50) и обновление двигателя браузера до Presto 2.9

Выпуск новой сборки 1049 версии Opera Next, предназначенной для разработчиков и пользователей, которым интересны все новые возможности и функции, ознаменовался обновлением двигателя браузера до версии Presto 2.9 (Presto/2.9.168).

В данном обновлении удалось достичь увеличения скорости обработки CSS (на 10-15 % по данным разработчиков), возможен обмен cookie-данными между браузером и расширениями, установщик на платформе Windows 7 теперь может использовать возможности панели задач.

И конечно было устранено большое количество ошибок, несколько уязвимостей и крахов браузера, улучшена стабильность и безопасность браузера.

Скачать Opera Next Build 1049 можно по следующим ссылкам:

Полный список изменений Opera Next (Opera 11.50) Build 1049:

  • DSK-338128 Crash on closing browser with a notification window open
  • DSK-333039 All Speed Dials except newly added Link Speed Dials disappear when startup dialog is shown
  • DSK-335478 When there is more than one Trash folder, use the one with lower id
  • DSK-269877 Tab activation is on mousedown; can't drag tabs to Speed Dial
  • DSK-338380 Sync sends two requests (correct and empty one)
  • DSK-338343 Opening panel in one window opens it in others as well
  • DSK-339110 Remove search setting from session files
  • DSK-339458 Switching between Speed Dial website and extension suggestions stops loading previews
  • DSK-338908 Crash when installing Speed Dial extension
  • DSK-339265 Speed Dial extensions installed through add dialog have url set to http://<title>
  • DSK-339375 Crash when trying to open Speed Dial extension preferences when search field is focused
  • DSK-339267 Ghost Speed Dial extensions created after loading previews through Add Speed Dial dialog
  • DSK-339443 Can't add new Speed Dial if + button is hidden
  • DSK-339347 Only document windows saved in session
  • DSK-336946 Search related crash
  • DSK-339779 Opera fails to start when search.ini points to invalid default search engines

  • CORE-6861 Font initialization slows down Opera's startup
  • CORE-39247 Accessing items in localStorage lowers the security status of secure sites to insecure
  • CORE-39348 Fix for widely reported crash
  • CORE-39282 SunSpider stops halfway with JS error about inline script generation limit
  • CORE-39306 Link adds whitespace as suf- and prefix for occurences of & in passwords
  • CORE-38972 crash on setting iframe src on load from within injected script
  • CORE-35215 Allow extensions and browser to share cookies
  • CORE-38641 Optimizations to the CSS tokenizing (CSS parsing performance up to 10-15% faster)
  • CORE-35655 Extension related crash on exit
  • CORE-34135 Object load not fired for CSS or JavaScript files
  • CORE-37689 Overflow container inside table introduces unwanted scrollbars
  • CORE-37957 Gmail video chat does not show picture
  • CORE-38596 Password manager related crash
  • CORE-38760 Angry Birds web game sometimes doesn't load on reload
  • CORE-38956 Hitting back option after log out from Facebook crashes the Opera with the "Facebook Chat message count" extension
  • CORE-39145 Impossible to spatnav to and through the entire block of news on BBC due to nested blocks with non-visible overflow
  • CORE-39369 XML parsing failed error when opening local MHTML files

  • DSK-333032 New Label filter doesn't catch messages with default settings
  • DSK-328281 After deleting a label the mails don't become unhidden in other views

  • DSK-329735 Provide option to pin Opera to taskbar on Windows 7
  • DSK-339469 Error initializing Opera: module 10 after running installer
  • DSK-339337 Crash when editing Speed Dial entry search box is focused but out of the viewport

  • DSK-338867 opera --full-version activates the startup notification protocol
  • DSK-338974 Starting Opera again to get new window in SDI mode doesn't work on UNIX
  • DSK-338270 Selected (or active) dropdown buttons are not skinned properly under GTK
  • DSK-321445 Improve dialog tabs in KDE
  • DSK-339374 Add and edit dialogs incorrectly positioned when search filed in Speed Dial is focused
  • DSK-337912 Too big bottom margin for Speed Dial extension preferences overlay dialog
  • DSK-339547 Crash when installing Speed Dial extension from addons.opera.com while extension preview is loaded in Speed Dial
  • DSK-338362 Middle clicking results in opening the Speed Dial and a tab in the background with the primary buffer as the URL
  • DSK-339272 Crash when cycling tabs
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