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Новая сборка Opera Next (Opera 11.50), исправление ошибок, улучшение стабильности

Выпущена новая сборка версии Opera Next (Opera 11.50) - Opera Next Build 1040.

Добавлены новые возможности в ядро браузера, EventSource теперь включён для Web Workers. Улучшена производительность браузера, а также использование памяти. Возросла скорость обработки функции parseInt.

Исправлены многие ошибки в работе браузера, устранено несколько ошибок, приводящих к краху браузера.

Скачать Opera Next Build 1040 можно по следующим ссылкам:

Полный список изменений Opera Next Build 1040: Desktop
  • DSK-292114 Tab Bar fails to redraw correctly after returning from hibernation
  • DSK-338103 Crashes when using the tab cycler to move between tabs while a modal dialog is open
  • DSK-323390 Alt+Up and Alt+Down don't scroll messages anymore
  • DSK-336210 Menu > Mail > Read Mail fails to show mail
  • DSK-337889 In private tabs, context menu search using keyboard modifiers not opened in private tabs
  • DSK-338097 "Suppress External Embeds" config setting doesn't work
  • DSK-338342 Saved sessions containing a Mail tab will not load in a profile without a mail account
  • DSK-338303 Dragging a sessions file to an Opera window does not open the session
  • DSK-276827 Trashed favorites still show up in the panel toolbar
  • DSK-336892 Another Opera not shut down issue casued by message flooding from flash plugin

  • CORE-1886 Cached HEAD requests (XMLHttpRequest) affect normal GET request
  • CORE-6596 Improve popup blocker (block more popups)
  • CORE-7874 Broken radial gradients
  • CORE-18313 Implement HTMLInputElement.indeterminate, and checkbox indeterminate state
  • CORE-20160 Asterisks (*) mistakenly escaped in form data
  • CORE-22453 Parsing of SVG <paint> fails in CSS for anything that has more than one value
  • CORE-29085 location.href="" doesn't reload page
  • CORE-29798 Make parseInt significantly faster
  • CORE-29903 Incorrect evaluation of RegExp: "aaa".match(/(a*){2}/)
  • CORE-30450 Uncaught DOMException does not show message in console, only [object DOMException]
  • CORE-30596 JS crash
  • CORE-31631 Variable becomes undefined within loop after assignment
  • CORE-31680 Array.prototype.join when separator is "this" doesn't work properly
  • CORE-32658 Document created by createHTMLDocument doesn't have a doctype
  • CORE-33787 RegExp.prototype.exec deviates from specification
  • CORE-34772 Videos on giantbomb.com just show blank page - real document.write sometimes called even though script has overwritten it with a custom function
  • CORE-35531 SVGElement constructors and prototypes not exposed to scripts
  • CORE-36304 input type=email incorrectly rejects IDNs (non-ASCII domains)
  • CORE-36497 SVG crash when drawing a large number of characters on a path
  • CORE-36733 W3C Geolocation test suite conformance fixes
  • CORE-37054 Enable EventSource in Web Workers
  • CORE-37234 Background on a block child of a height/width-constrained multicol spills outside the multicol container
  • CORE-37284 Float in multicol prevents break
  • CORE-37315 Array.prototype.join doesn't comply to ES3/ES5 specification
  • CORE-37342 High memory usage caused by browser.js
  • CORE-37501 Better handling of Link entries with invalid date
  • CORE-37503 Crash when a direct child of the HTML element is being deleted with the Document Edit functionality
  • CORE-37655 Constants are not exposed on EventSource interface object
  • CORE-37662 Freeze at domiteca.com
  • CORE-37848 Sync does not write the disk queue on first start using sync
  • CORE-38010 NSL on first load of Web Fonts testcase
  • CORE-38045 High memory usage at test262.ecmascript.org
  • CORE-38091 Fix calculation of table-caption inside a CSS table element
  • CORE-38123 Form crash
  • CORE-38137 .text property not available in svg:script during BeforeScript event
  • CORE-38207 Freeze in designMode when two body elements which are both part of a selection are replaced with new text
  • CORE-38218 Form submit and reset fields values can't be updated through JS
  • CORE-38236 Crash related to text node selection and closed/removed popup windows or iframes
  • CORE-38244 The willValidate property is returning false when it should return true
  • CORE-38287 history.pushState and replaceState do not set the referrer correctly for subsequent requests
  • CORE-38309 AUDIO/VIDEO element moved between windows with a script causes crash
  • CORE-38315 Gradients with more than 32768 stops will cause a crash when applied (canvas, SVG, CSS)
  • CORE-38342 SVG animation crash
  • CORE-38343 Plugin fix (viewing videos at tv2sporten.no)
  • CORE-38353 Save image option not available in context menu
  • CORE-38362 Form layout crash
  • CORE-38363 Web Worker crash
  • CORE-38408 OPTION background color doesn't work when initially off-screen
  • CORE-38431 Ensure that the server from the Link server is available to the sync UI
  • CORE-38441 contentEditable crash when typing
  • CORE-38523 Unable to close Flash dialog in the netlog.com video recorder
  • CORE-38554 Incorrect text alignment (baseline) of text in canvas element
  • CORE-38564 Print previewing large table freezes browser
  • CORE-38588 Crash when replacing singleton prototype with another prototype singleton
  • CORE-38600 "javascript:alert(new RegExp(('^(?:\\d{7}(?:\\d{3})?)$')).test('1234567'));" should evaluate to true
  • CORE-38615 Array.prototype.join() crashing on non-array objects with initial holes
  • CORE-38621 Wrong duplication of content with multi-column container with column-fill:balance and block-level children
  • CORE-38631 Invalid read outside array of text when checking for surrogates in layout
  • CORE-38656 Don't throw for whitespace in atob()
  • CORE-38667 SVG BiDi crash/freeze
  • CORE-38688 Use less memory in representation of compiled ECMAScript code
  • CORE-38759 Cannot change inline styles of adopted node
  • CORE-38766 Should not consider <option> elements that are not children of <select> or <optgroup>
  • CORE-38767 Custom web fonts cause onload not to fire
  • CORE-38809 Crash when loading page with select box with many OPTIONs

  • DSK-286597 Starting Opera again to get new window in SDI mode doesn't work

  • DSK-337930 QuickTime plugin does not show up when loaded in background tab (or non-visible area of the page)
  • DSK-318787 Text with opacity is not painted when baseline is outside painting buffers
  • DSK-314922 Fix the Save dialog's dislike for extension preferences

  • DSK-337721 Selected (or active) push buttons do not look native under GTK toolkit
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